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Shop and sell preloved items


Shop and sell preloved items soon

We are proudly telling you that shortly our JAN 'N JUNE second Hand Shop will go live. Soon you can shop and sell New-ish JAN 'N JUNE items via our online store.

How cool and circular is that?

We think it's like with past loves. If you're not into it anymore, set it free.

And, if you're rather on the buying side of life: One person's trash is another persons's treasure.

We can't wait. Stay tuned!

Offcut Project

Upcycling, but make it pretty.


The Offcut Project

When cutting the fabrics there happen to be some offcuts. Also sometimes we use less fabric than we thought we would need. Why not using it? Therefore we decided that it would be cool and sustainable to make new items out of it.

Since we launched our first offcut collection in 2018, we’re always working on limited offcut collections to make the best out of what’s already there. The result? Beautiful accessories such as bags, scrunchies and headbands and even stationary.

Shop all offcut items here.

JAN 'N JUNE x Rauwm

Recycled Cashmere


Cashmere, but make it circular

Cashmere is one of the finest and highest quality animal fibers. It originally comes from the cashmere goat.

To protect animals and the environment, we only use recycled cashmere fibers. At the same time, we are longing to create a circular economy, reduce waste and extend the life of already produced garments.
Nevertheless, currently we have to add 25% RWS-certified virign merino wool to make the recycled cashmere fibre more durable.

With the rauwm x JAN ’N JUNE “handle with care” collection, Lisa & Tanja, the creative duo behind rauwm, are following a collective and long-lasting concept that also defines their platform and community.
The “handle with care” collection is their way to demonstrate that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand and that you can care about your outfit and the environment at the same time.

The collection is produced by JAN ’N JUNE under fair conditions and exclusively using sustainable and recycled materials in Portugal.

Check out all recycled cashmere items here.

Where to rent

For temporary affairs


Sometimes you don't need to own clothes.

For temporary affairs we highly recommend renting clothes instead of buying. And by affairs we don't mean that guy from bumble you recently started dating knowing it isn't leading anywhere.
We mean this kind of clothes you won't wear often or maybe even just once.

For this reason we have three partners that offer renting out JAN 'N JUNE clothes.

Clothes Friends: Rent our recycled cashmere collection via this amazing app here.

Unown: Rent or lease some of our items here.

Fairnica: Rent a whole capsule wardrobe including JAN 'N JUNE pieces here.