Our Story

A bottle of wine, Hamburg, summer 2013. That‘s when we first had the idea to come up with an eco fashion label. It was a personal need. “Why is there no stylish, sustainable and affordable fashion label?”. We couldn’t find one.

And if you can’t stop thinking about it, you don’t stop working for it. We love fashion AND our planet. We don’t want the first harm the second. It took us over a year to actually start JAN ‘N JUNE. But the minute you’re in it – you’re in it. 150%. No excuses.

Of course it wouldn’t have been us without some self-inflicted decisions to make things even more complicated. What can we say? Let’s start a business and build it up while living in three different countries. Nothing’s impossible.

So here we are now. A wonderful team of 15 talented and loyal people. Working together to create beautiful and minimalistic sustainable fashion. Tons of determination, ups and downs and little by little building our baby to make the world a tiny bit better – with some sustainable attitude and for sure with style. #byebyefastfashion